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Customer survey in public employment services: Expectations vs. Satisfaction

Ranko Markuš

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The study examines the relationship between customers’ expectations and satisfaction but also the institutional mandate given to employment services based on the results of the survey conducted with a sample
of 1,337 unemployed persons in May 2013. The survey aimed to establish customer satisfaction with Doboj
and Novo Sarajevo employment agency services.
The main conclusions are as follows: (1) the unemployed persons are not familiar with the range of services
these agencies should provide so they focus on a set of services they are familiar with; (2) unemployed persons’ satisfaction with the employment agency services is within a relatively acceptable range, although there is still some doubt as to what they expect from the agency, (3) the employment agency does not provide
all the services it is obliged to provide pursuant to the law, the focus being on unemployment benefits, and
(4) only 26% of the unemployed in Doboj and 41% of the unemployed in Novo Sarajevo have been actively
looking for work, which puts the unemployment agency alongside social welfare institutions.
Of the total of 22,108 unemployed persons registered with the two surveyed agencies, only 7,109 of them
meet the statutory requirements and are consequently entitled to registration. The remaining 14,999 persons are not looking for work and see the unemployment agency as an instrument for obtaining unemployment benefits. In conclusion, only one third of the unemployed in the two observed agencies is actively
seeking employment, while two thirds are neither motivated for nor interested in finding a job and fall into
the category of the long-term unemployed. Unemployment has become a major issue, both from an economic and social, but also moral and political aspect.

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unemployment, customer satisfaction, inactivity, employment services

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