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The seasonality in tourism in Croatia

Ivan Kožić

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Subjectively, the seasonality in tourism in Croatia is generally considered to be very high. High seasonality
is often mentioned as the main undesirable feature of tourism demand and dealing with the issue of seaso
nality is identified as a strategic aim of the Croatian tourism. This paper aims to give an empirical answer
to the question to which extent tourism in Croatia is in fact, i.e., objectively, seasonable, and if it is indeed
extremely seasonable. The Gini coefficient calculation was used to measure the degree of seasonality in tourism in Croatia and in selected countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region comparable to Croatia in terms
of geographical location, climate, the type of tourism, summer holiday tourism that is as important in these
countries as it is in Croatia. A comparative analysis in an international context confirmed the hypothesis
that seasonality in Croatian tourism was relatively high. Furthermore, the analysis revealed one of the main
causes of seasonality

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seasonality, tourism, comparative analysis, Croatia

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