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Property value management aimed at promoting economic growth

Sandra Odobašić
Luka Burilović
Marija Tolušić

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Managing the property value at the micro level of individuals, households, businesses and other orga
nisations on one hand, and the government at the macro level is a key factor in achieving a faster GDP
growth and getting closer to the developed countries. Natural resources of a country are important, as is
the structure, dynamics, education and culture, traditions, working habits, consumption habits and savings
of the population. A key factor, however, is the way in which property is treated. Available property must
constantly generate revenue. Ignoring the way in which the population treats property might hold back the
development. An adequate government policy plays a crucial role in increasing the value of property, and
should include the introduction of property tax.

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gross national product, natural resources, structure and dynamics of population trends, property management, property tax, profit tax

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