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Business tourism in the function of improving the tourism in the city of Opatija

Romina Alkier Radnić
Ivan Herak
Andreja Rudančić-Lugarić

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Tourism is an industry that transforms rapidly in the spheres of supply and demand. This has a strong influ
ence on the intensity and quality of tourism development in many Croatian destinations.
A range of tourism forms have developed based on the changes in lifestyles, as well as in the way business
activities are performed and organized. In this context, business tourism has taken an important place,
with many indicators showing its expansion. Business tourism can help a destination to achieve various
goals, such as urban reconstruction, improvement of infrastructure and increased tourist capacities. Big
international conferences are a source of economic prosperity, but also of the destination’s international re
putation. This paper aims to gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative indicators of business tourism
of the city of Opatija, and present applicative indicators through the share of business tourists in the overall
number of visitors to Opatija. The paper will emphasize the crucial role of business tourism in the efforts
to further improve an established tourist destination. Another purpose is to draw certain conclusions and
offer subjective opinions that might help stakeholders to gain insights into both encouraging and warning
aspects of this issue.

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business tourism, quantitative and qualitative indicators of current situation, destination improvement, the city of Opatija

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