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Challenges of electronic negotiation

Katija Vojvodić

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Electronic negotiation is a complex issue whose exploration requires an interdisciplinary approach. In the
framework of contemporary e-business, electronic negotiation has become an integral part of business
communication, which differs from traditional face-to-face negotiation in its context. The main aim of
this paper is to examine the key features of electronic negotiation, its advantages and disadvantages, as
well as implications of negotiating through electronic communication channels. Despite the advantages of
electronic negotiation, most managers still prefer face-to-face negotiations although they should combine
the two. The conclusion is that negotiators need to understand and take into consideration the specific
nature of electronic negotiation in order to improve and continually upgrade their negotiating skills. Such
an approach can provide a good basis for the preparation of the negotiator, help in overcoming potential
threats, facilitate a smooth electronic negotiation process, and lead to a successful outcome.

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electronic negotiation, face-to-face negotiation, advantages, disadvantages, implications

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