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Educational mismatch in the labour market: overqualification and its implications

Marija Bečić

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Educational mismatch as a labour market disruption has lately attracted the interest of many economic
experts and scholars. This interest is spurred by considerable improvements in the educational profile of
the population, combined with changes in the demand for highly-qualified workers linked to technological
developments. The mismatch can appear if an increase in highly-qualified workforce supply is not accom
panied by an equal growth in the demand. Overqualification is one such type of mismatch: it means that
knowledge and skills acquired during formal education remain unused in the workplace. Many economies
face this problem that can have negative consequences for individuals, businesses, and the government
alike. This paper provides an overview of the basic concepts related to overqualification, focusing on the
possible implications of this phenomenon, given that employee dissatisfaction can affect businesses and
their productivity, and ultimately, the country as a whole. Systematization of previous research and analysis
of the basic concepts related to overqualification can contribute to the literature in economics of education
in Croatia and create a foundation for future research

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educational mismatch, labour market, overqualification

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