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Selecting the best warehouse data collecting system by using AHP and FAHP methods

Turan Erman Erkan ; Atilim Universtiy, Engineering Faculty, Indsutrial Engineering Department, Kızılcasar Mahallesi, 06836, İncek Golbasi, Ankara, Turkey
Gulin Feryal Can orcid id ; Kocaeli University, Engineering Faculty, Indsutrial Enginnering Department, Umuttepe, Kocaeli, Turkey

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Recently companies have begun to use their storage effectively to attain leadership in the market environment, utilizing Barcode and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems for warehouse management. In this study AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) and FAHP (Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process) are used to choose between Barcode and RFID systems for the company warehouse data collection system. This decision is affected by four criteria which are: cost, functionality, sustainability and performance. The barcode system was preferred by 68 % and RFID was preferred by 32 % according to AHP. For FAHP, barcode system was preferred by 72 % and RFID was preferred by 28 %. Consequently AHP values are consistent with FAHP values. Finally barcode system is selected for the company’s warehouse data collection system and FAHP is found to be relatively more sufficient in terms of description of this decision-making process because of its fuzziness and vagueness compared to AHP method.

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AHP, Automation Systems, Barcode, Fuzzy AHP, RFID

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