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[Enterococci in the root canals of teeth with Periapical processes]

Dora Najžar-Fleger ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta , Zagreb
Vera Čoklica ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta , Zagreb
Greta Staudt ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta , Zagreb
Stjepan Šalković ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta , Zagreb

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Streptococci are the most numerous microorganisms invading the root canal, and of them , enterococci take the leading role. The purpose of this in vestigation was to determine the am ount of enterococci isolated in a root canal of a too th with aperiapical process and compare these results with objective findings before endodontic work. The material was collected with dry paper points and evaluated by standard microbiological techniques. The results revealed that enterococci, isolated in pure culture, were more frequent in cronic processes than in exacerbated periapical processes. In the initial cultivation they made up to 36% of all streptococci, or 22.8% of all isolates. Considering the findings before endodontic work, enterococci were more often present indrained teeth (contaminated by saliva), teeth with and improperly filled canals. During endodontic treatment, it was difficult to eliminate them from the canal and they made up to 36.6% of all isolates in the last cultivation. This confirms that enterococci are often the source for complications which develop during endodontic treatmant.

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enterococci; periapical processes

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