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New approach to exarticulated teeth

Jakša Grgurević ; Zavod za oralnu kirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Zagreb

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Exarticulated teeth are one of the most difficult traumas to treat in the
dento alveolar region. An exarticulated tooth should be returned to its alveolus in the shortest time possible and should be kept in kitchen salt solution or in the patient’s saliva until replantation . Normal healing with periodontal ligaments can be expected if the tooth is replanted with in 30 minutes after the trauma. The root will resorb if normal healing does not occur with periodontal ligaments. There is a difference between replacement resorption (ankylosis) and inflammatory resorption. Calcium hydroxide is recommended for the treatment of resorption, especially inflammatory. If the root tip of an exarticulated tooth is incompletely formed, revascularization of the pulp can be expected if replantation takes place within two hours. Pulp revascularization is only theoretical in cases of completely formed root tips.

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exarticulated tooth; replantation; resorption

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