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Contribution to the herpetofauna (Amphibia & Reptilia) of lower Neretva River (Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Toni Koren
Mitja Črne
Nataša Koprivnikar
Domen Trkov
Katarina Drašler
Dušan Jelić

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In this paper we present newly collected data and historical overview of the herpetofauna of Neretva River Valley. During two consecutive years (2011, 2012) we collected new data about the presence of reptiles and amphibians in the area, on 25 sampling sites, of which 21 in Croatia and 4 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During our survey we recorded the presence of 21 species of which 18 are listed in the IUCN Red list. The literature records added another 13 species, so the total number for amphibians and reptiles in the area is 34 species, 11 amphibian and 23 reptiles. With such a high diversity, the area of Neretva River is one of the hotspots of the amphibian and reptile diversity in Croatia. Lower Neretva Valley is now days under a strong anthropogenic influence, and most of the area is used for plantations and intensive agriculture. It is of a critical importance to conserve and protect the remaining natural habitat in the future.

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amphibians, reptiles, diversity, conservation

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