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[The possibility of the reconstouction of fractured crowns after endodontic treatment]

Adnan Ćatović ; Zav-od za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 331-338

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Recent publications present different classifications, types and methods for the preparation and reconstruction of new elements to fractured clinical crowns of endodotically cured teeth. The objective of this paper was to present and classify systematically various modes of such affixations, to comment on their advantages and disadvantages and to show the merits of the affixation method adopted by the Institute of Fixed Prosthodontics in Zagreb. After a presentation of the classification and of the description of several methods, it is concluded that ready-made elements for annexing crowns have a limited field of indication, because of their standard dimensions, insufficiently solved extraradicular portion and because of financial expenses. Cast elements have a wide field of indication and are more adaptable to the morphological shapes of the reconstructed teeth. By comparing the direct wax and acrylate modelling method, used at the author's Institute, with some other similar methods presented in this pa'per, he concludes that it is faster, simpler and more efficient.

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crown reconstruction; classification

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