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Styloid Process Syndrome

Sebastijan Sandev
Klara Sokler

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Styloid syndrome is a condition in which an elongated styloid process or calcified stylohyoid ligament causes occasional pain in the neck, a feeling of a foreign body (in the pharynx?) or some other form of retromandibular-cervical pain. In adults the styloid process is approximately 25 mm long with a tip which is located between the
external and internal carotid arteries, lateral to the pharyngeal wall and the tonsillar fossa.
Ossification of the stylohyoid and stylomandibular ligament causes prolongation of the styloid process and clinical symptoms.
There are three syndromes closely connected with the styloid process syndrome: Costen's, Trotter's and Myofacial painful syndrome. Diagnosis can be made by a clinical examination and palpation of the tonsillar fossa, during which pain is felt by the patient.
Radiographic finding may show several possible variations: elongated, pseudoarticulated and segmented styloid process, and according to the calcification: peripheral, partial, complete or nodular type calcification. Treatment is primarily surgical.
The physician's knowledge of possible clinical variations and diverse symptomatology is important.
The authors present the case of a female patient with Stylohyoid Syndrome treated by surgical shortening of the elongated styloid process.

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syndrome, styloid process, Eagle

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