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The advantages of using activated flux-cored wire compared to solid wire in the MAG welding process from the aspect of metallurgical characteristics

N. Bajić ; Techno-experts d.o.o – Research and Development Center, Serbia
D. Bajić ; University of Montenegro, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Serbia
D. Veljić ; Techno-experts d.o.o – Research and Development Center, Serbia
M. Rakin ; University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Serbia
Z. Janjušević ; Institute fot Technology and other mineral raw materials, Belgrade, Serbia

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This paper analyzes, from the metallurgical aspect, the quality of the new flux-cored wire intended for the MAG welding process in function of changes in shielding gas composition and changes in welding parameters. The results of comparative analysis of the microstructure of the weld metal and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) allow drawing conclusions about the feasibility of introducing a new quality flux-cored wire in industrial applications.

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weld metal; activated flux-cored wire; microstructure; solid wire; HAZ

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