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Detection and Neutralization of Threats from Improvised Explosive Devices (types CBRN-CIED)

Dinko Mikulić ; University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, Velika Gorica, Croatia
Dario Matika ; Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Tihomir Mendek ; DOK-ING Ltd Zagreb, Croatia

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Various forms of threats, technological accidents, especially in the chemical industry and military complexes which cause major damages to humans, assets and environment, draw attention to development of new technological means to eliminate danger without the risk for human life. This determines the equipment logistic for the protection and rescue system. In line with this, the article presents the development of a robotized system for detection of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats (CBRN), and for detection and neutralization of improvised explosive devices (CIED). In addition, a prototype model of a robotic vehicle is constructed. Reconnaissance, terrain and object mapping are of great importance so that the operators and technicians have at their disposal an option of multiple analysis of a problem. The basic feature of using a robotized machine is the replacement of EOD and CBRN technicians in various life-threatening situations. Citizens' trust is of greatest and crucial importance for providing safety in such extraordinary situations. In order to meet the strict tactical and technical requirements, the robotised system comprises the stealth platform, working tools, a control console, a manipulator arm for complex actions, a CBRN detector, an additional EOD robot for terrain scouting and sample taking, an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and a mobile command center. The prototype model of a robotic vehicle shows that the project is both technically and economically feasible on the basis of a tracked machine with battery propulsion, the Ultra Low Profile dozer. Existing resources and experience in development of specialized machines are significant for the development of a robotised system.

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threat detection; danger neutralisation; elimination of improvised explosive devices; robotised system; CBRN-CIED project

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