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Topics on Crises in Electronic Media in Croatia

Ivana Franić Marković ; University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, Velika Gorica, Croatia
Damir Trut ; University of Safety Sciences Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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One of the most important elements in emergency situations and catastrophes is information. It often stands in a very small number, particularly when there is the highest need for it. Mass media is the main link of services responding to emergency situations and disasters to general public. To survivors, to public and even to those enabling help, television, radio and newspapers are most often very crucial sources of information about areas hit by disasters. The interest of media, or their lack of interest, in emergency situations and disasters, can affect on the help arriving. The news is creating a »referential frame« which turns events into phenomenon discussed by the public and that way it is, at the same time, the recorder and the product of social realities. Whether the news will be published or not depends on criteria of efficiency, social context, human, political or social interests, news and regularities, all of these things determine the importance of the story or some of its parts to a particular media, and also determine the way in which it will be processed and context in which it will be aired in public.

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media; emergency situations and disasters; journalists; public

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