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Following Nemčić’s Travelogues (Putositnice) or where did Antun really stay during his visit to Venice?

Ottone Novosel

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The travelogue entitled Putositnice/ Travel Trifles is a literary as well as journalistic work which shows Antun Nemčić as an interesting narrator, reporter, art historian, philosopher, chronicler and a causeur. Putositnice has been interpreted from different sides. However, Nemčić drew very little, if any at all, attention to himself as a gastronomad, a devotee of good food and drink who, apart from tasting what has been offered, carefully notices the ambience, neatness, decoration and the personnel of eatinghouses, trattorias, inns, locandas, osterias and coffee shops he visited on his passage from Ludbreg to Northern Italy from 28th February till 23rd April of 1843. Nemčić’s remarks, suggestions and comments still today bear the same freshness and are instructive to both, those employed in tourism and to holiday-makers or globetrotters. This particularly
refers to eating-houses and coffee shops that have kept the old names from Nemčić’s days.

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Following the Trail of Nemčić’s Putositnice / Travel Trifles

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