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Criminal Records of Medieval Dubrovnik: A Survey

Nella Lonza

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str. 45-74

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Records of the Criminal Court of Dubrovnik are filed in different series in the State Archives in Dubrovnik. Many volumes have been mislaid or filed in the series they do not originally belong to as a result of the classification of the archivist J. Gelcich in the 19th century. The author of this article has reconstructed the original series of volumes related to the medieval period (1284-1499). With this aim she examined the types of records, particularly the distinction between lamenta de intus and lamenta de foris in the 15th century. The author underlines the importance of the researcher’s knowledge of the original organization of the judicial series for the purpose of better economization of the investigation and accuracy of interpretation. She also points to the great value of these sources as compared to other towns in medieval Dalmatia but in Italy as well. A table representing 125 volumes with reference to their original name, current classification, date, etc. has been provided.

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