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The 1536-Konavlian Kaznačine Household Census

Niko Kapetanić
Nenad Vekarić

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The 1536 household census of Konavle, region south of Dubrovnik, conducted in kaznačine, the territorial units, is the earliest source discovered to date, on the basis of which, the number of household members in one of the regions of the Republic of Dubrovnik, can be accurately established. These census data have proved a most useful parameter in computing the population size of other Dubrovnik regions for which only the information on the number of households is available, without the number of the household members. The article highlights the true purpose of the census: to present the disposal of the perishable food reserves as a loan relief to peasants. Examples of under-reporting have been traced, as it was in the peasants’ interest to declare a smaller household size. The authors have made corrections in terms of reconstruction, calculation, and rounding off of the registration data. It has been established that there were 1,142 households, the population of at least 11,445, that is, not less than 10.02 members per household in the region of Konavle in 1536.

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