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Ivan Gundulić (1589-1638) in the Criminal Records of Dubrovnik

Slavica Stojan

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str. 203-214

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A marked feature of the old Croatian literary scholarship is the absence of biographical data. The life and work of Ivan Gundulić, poet and author of the famous Osman, is also shrouded in mystery. While sifting through the archival records pertaining to the period of Gundulić’s mature years, the appearance of his name in the Criminal Records caught my attention. He had been appointed magistrate on several occasions and was recorded to have made his appearance in court as a plaintiff. The fact that he himself was prosecuted twice, encouraged my research into the trial records of the Criminal Court with the aim of establishing whether the discovered historical data could be of relevance to the study of his literary work and, if so, to what extent.

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