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The Fall of Bosnia in the Plays of Mirko Bogović and Pijerko Bunić Luković

Antun Pavešković

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Although not participating to the same extent, both Mirko Bogović (1816-1893) and Pijerko Bunić Luković (1788-1846) were representatives of the Croatian National Revival. Guided by a seemingly marginal detail, Antun Barac, a literary historian, came forward with the idea that Mirko Bogovi ć, while working on his drama on King Stjepan, the last king of Bosnia, was familiar with Bunić’s play on the same subject. However, the very title of Bogović’s play reveals a different treatment of the topic. His interest reaches far beyond the historical events. As stated in the preface, his aim was to focus on Stjepan’s inner conflict. The power struggle, over-emphasized in Bunić’s play, has been given far less attention with Bogović, as the plot concentrates on the main character. By contrast, the Ragusan playwright wants everything to point to the maintenance and glorification of the good, the latter being understood as political power. Thus he sets off with the political plot, whereas Bogović, throughout the play, insists on the psychological aspects. Literary history and dramaturgic analysis have shown that Barac had scarcely any ground for drawing a parallel between the dramas of Mirko Bogović and Pijerko Bunić Luković. Though contemporaries, these two authors approached the same topic from completely different standpoints in terms of style, form, and ideological treatment.

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