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Željko Rakošec ; Hrvatsko komunikološko društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Brankica Juranić ; Hrvatsko komunikološko društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Štefica Mikšić ; Hrvatsko komunikološko društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Jelena Jakab ; Hrvatsko komunikološko društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Barbara Mikšić ; Hrvatsko komunikološko društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Through the development of technology we are faced with the question of human helplessness experienced by the person who is in the terminal phase of the disease. The process of dying, in all its uniqueness and universality, surpasses the dimension of the human consciousness and sub consciousness, and requires a multidisciplinary approach of the team members who take care of the patient and cooperate with the members of their family. The base of the palliative approach is a relationship based on understanding, sensibility, empathy, flexibility, open and two-way doctor-patient communication and diverse communication in the social network. Communication in palliative care requires knowledge, competencies and skills in the peculiarity of doing that job, which is a difficult and demanding process. One of the most important and necessary skills in the palliative care communication is knowing how to hear and listen. It is a kind of listening where it is really important to show to the patient that you are really listening what he tells you, asks or feels. In the moment when medical procedures and interventions that include patients who suffer from terminal diseases do not show positive outcomes, the palliative care alleviates the human suffering. Through the implementation of palliative care, which is not recognized enough as a priority in the public health care, especially in developing countries, we could improve the quality of life of patients and members of their families.

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communication; palliative care; education; patient; family

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