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Public Places and Leisure Time in the Late Medieval and Renaissance Dubrovnik

Gordan Ravančić

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The concept of private and public and their relationship in the late medieval Dubrovnik was far from that of today: public space and the scope of the public were much broader than they are nowadays. The collections of laws and the City statute confirm the existence of regulations dealing respectively with all the segments of Dubrovnik’s public life. Moreover, the private life of an individual was often in the spotlight of the authorities. The state frequently interfered into the monastic space and the estates of the clergy. On the other hand, the records show cases of the citizens extending their property by taking possession of the city land. The medieval Ragusans spent much of their leisure time on public areas. Although public festivals were also part of these outdoor-based inactivities, a number of the city’s residents simply squandered their time in the public places. The author discusses particular public places in which the citizens of the late medieval and Renaissance Dubrovnik spent their hours of idleness.

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