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The Motives of Sandalj’s Sale of Konavle

Esad Kurtović

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Modern scholars have yet to investigate the motive and reasons which actuated Sandalj Hranić to sell his half of Konavle to the Ragusans. Historiography, however, has shown more interest for his rival Radoslav Pavlović and the sale of his portion of land. Pavlović’s transaction, due to its course and results, as well as the subsequent consequences, has drawn more attention than that of Sandalj Hranić. The reason for this could be sought in the evidence provided by the Dubrovnik chroniclers, according to whom Sandalj Hranić’s transaction was carried out under regular conditions. This study aims at revealing the true motives behind Sandalj Hranić’s actions. An analysis of his financial resources shows that he had no problems of the kind, and thus, an urgent need for money could not account for this sale. Between the years 1413 and 1435, the balance of his account in ducats, the most stable currency on the eastern Adriatic coast, maintained an increasing trend. Not once did Sandalj Hranić point to having any financial problems of the sort that would lead him to make withdrawals. On the day he sold Konavle, Sandalj Hranić had a total of 5,702 ducats on deposit, and more than 9,000 ducats in all. The aforementioned transaction improved his financial position substantially. According to the terms agreed, he received 6,000 Venetian ducats in cash, and the other half of the total amount deposited on his account with interest of five percent. Dubrovnik found Hranić’s estimate of Konavle realistic, and he obtained a fairly good price. In fact, the transaction was most favorable for both parties involved.

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