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The Post of Emin in Ploče, the Ottoman Representative in the Republic of Dubrovnik

Vesna Miović Perić

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str. 205-215

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The duties of the emin in the Dubrovnik suburb od Ploče were generally performed by an Ottoman officer responsible for Customs and the supervision of the salt trade between Dubrovnik and Ottoman subjects. However, the same emin also acted as an unofficial consular representative, and, as such, protected the interests and fostered the affairs of its compatriots in the Republic of Dubrovnik. Ottoman subjects were to arrive in Dubrovnik daily. Constant business contacts with Ragusan subjects required all kinds of documents, certificates, papers and reports, which the emin was authorized to issue. Being empowered to act as a witness, interrogator, and sometimes even as a judge, the emin’s presence made the early settlement of disputes possible, thus facilitating trade and business arrangements between Ottoman and Ragusan subjects. On account of the fact that the Republic represented the inferior party in the Turco-Ragusan relationship, a document of his was far more valid as a proof than a Ragusan one. Without a resident emin, the Ragusans would have had to address to kadi or some other Ottoman officer - someone not as efficient or expedient as the emin. The emin resided in a khan in Lazareti, at Ploče, in the closest vicinity of the City, the City harbour and all major events.

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