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A Recently Discovered Political Poem by Đuro Hidža

Slavica Stojan

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str. 237-250

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Among the eighteenth-century Dubrovnik poets who tried their hand at religious, occasional, and comic verse, Đuro Hidža was undoubtedly the only one to choose politics as a theme for his poems; he displayed a remarkable amount of individuality and confidence in the power of the spirit and a better future. Hidža’s poem «Korist tamnice» (The Advantage of the Dungeon) reflects the everyday reality of Dubrovnik at the time of the Austrian occupation, which made a strong impression on him. The poem reveals his passionate concern over the disappearance of numerous homes in the vicinity of Dubrovnik - an occurrence which practically amounted to biological extermination - as well as his discontent with the shameful negligence of human rights, which he expressed most explicitly in his attitude towards the treatment of political prisoners. The poem strikes the reader due to Hidža’s strong partiality and emotional directness, dominated by his sophisticated and lively irony that begins with the very title of the poem. His deeply felt criticism of the establishment in general and his dedication to truth allow Hidža to imply his own view of the poet’s social and political engagement. Poetry is not a wanton luxury, but a necessity; It should be critical, tendentious, and utilitarian.

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