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An Investigation of the Role of Job Satisfaction in Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Rahil Kazemi Talachi ; University of Malaya, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mohammad Bagher Gorji ; Islamic Azad University, Young Researches and Elite Club, Abiabad Katoul Branch, Abiabad Katoul, Iran
Ali Bin Boerhannoeddin ; Islamic Azad University, Department of Management, Abiabad Katoul Branch, Abiabad Katoul, Iran


Job satisfaction, as an integral part of organizational environment, can affect organizational citizenship behavior.
Therefore, the present paper aimed at determination of the relationship between these two factors among the employees to
provide an appropriate model. The population of this study consisted of all employees of Golestan Province industry,
mine and trade organization (Iran), the number of whom is 154, out of which, 120 employees were selected as a sample by
the simple random sampling method. For collecting the data, two questionnaires of job satisfaction and organizational
citizenship behavior were applied, and the obtained data was analyzed using the statistical methods of Kolmogorov–
Smirnov test, Spearman’s correlation, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, Regression analysis, F-test and T-test. From the
results, it was found that the variable of job satisfaction had a significant positive relationship with organizational citizenship
behavior and one unit increase in organizational citizenship behavior is resulted from 0.622 unit increase in job

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job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, employees, pearson’s correlation test, regression analysis

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