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Interpretation of the Modern Age finds from the graves of the church of St. Martin at Prozorje

Juraj Belaj

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Following a brief presentation of the site stratigraphy, a horizon of postmediaeval graves is singled out. Richer graves are described and specific finds are analyzed and interpreted. Based on the analysis of the chosen finds and their interpretation, the finds, and thus also the graves, are chronologically attributed mostly into the beginning of the 18th century. Data are used from written sources in the process: canonical visitations, register of the dead and parochial memorials. The interpretation of Modern Age finds and the need for a multidisciplinary approach are discussed. Particular attention was given in the paper to a singular rosary from grave 60, on which, among the beads also hung pendants – the arma Christi symbols.

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Modern Age, church of St. Martin at Prozorje, medallions, rosaries, crossespendant, arma Christi, buttons

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