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Basic Principles for Implementing Principles of Journalists of the Code When Reporting in Case of Traffic Accident Involving Death

Mirko Jakovljević ; Kolašinske novosti, Kolašin, Crna Gora

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str. 556-568

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The media plays up a major role in the creating of public opinion. The power of public service and the magical ability of television signals to go through every nook and cranny of social reality and shape it, and so the television is privileged to can communicate the truth whatever it may be. This of course means that all matters relating to the way they set up about regards at the basic postulates and journalistic standards and to comply with codes of ethics. How much does it take account of the application of the code of ethics in order to avoid sensational show-description of events with tragic consequences, all having in mind to increase viewership, readership and audience research? Always applying a code of ethics of journalists and reporters as representative of the media they are working and are required and obliged to avoid any sensationalism, exaggeration of the very moment, and the occurrence after the event. Reporters, as direct participants in the reporting of the event must avoid any form of putting himself in the forefront. Special attention must be paid at the nonviolating of basic human rights. Professionals and all stakeholders presented a review of the implementation and harmonization of the code of ethics of journalists-reporters and correspondents when are to be concerned comes as "live" with the inclusion of the happening or delayed broadcast mounted sections, and texts of an car accident with tragic consequences. All proposals are to be in compliance with the Code of Ethics of Journalists of Montenegro.

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reporter, ethical, ethics, sensationalism, traffic accident

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