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The Importance and Place of the Public in the Analysis of the Media Coverage of the EU

Dejan Donev orcid id ; Pravni fakultet Justinijan Prvi, Institut za novinarstvo, medije i komunikaciju, Sveučilište sv. Ćirila i Metoda u Skopju, Makedonija

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str. 580-589

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The work refers to the importance and place of the public in the analysis of media coverage (print and electronic), as well as web portals, in the EU integration of Macedonia. As is already evident, as opposed to declared interest od Macedonian citizens and journalists for the EU, once again confirms what is self-evident from the media reality, that is not engaging of the Macedonian journalists to learn more and thus to inform the public about the facilities dedicated to Europeanization, expressed through only 2% of public participation as a subject in the reporting of the EU, or altogether 4 articles of 170 articles analyzed, and 1 comment. The work aims to analyze it whether it is a selective transmission of information or lack of interest in general about the journalists or the passivity of the public when it comes to the EU, and why this is so.

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EU integration, media reality, europeization, public

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