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Satisfaction with summer holidays in Croatia: Factors of intention to return and of recommendation for stay

Darina Ňakatová ; Faculty of Management, University of Prešov, Slovakia;

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Given that the intention of clients to return may be regarded as a manifestation of their future buying behaviour, it is useful to identify those factors, which are related to that intention. A questionnaire of satisfaction with holidays was constructed and, with the help of factor analysis, three factors of satisfaction with summer holidays were identified: satisfaction with the destination, satisfaction with prices in destination and satisfaction with transport to the destination. On a sample of 110 Slovak holidaymakers to Croatia (in summer 2012 holiday season) and with the use of logistic regression, the relationship of seven predictors of the intention to return and to their recommendation of the holidays in the given area were examined. It was detected that, out of seven predictors (gender, age, marital status, number of holidays taken with the travel agent, satisfaction with the destination, satisfaction with prices and satisfaction with transportation to the destination), the only significant predictor appeared to be the satisfaction with the destination. This finding applies to the intention to return as well as to the tourists' recommendation of summer holidays to others; it was confirmed repeatedly on a sample of 132 holidaymakers from Slovakia in the same tourist destination in 2013 summer holiday season. The paper discusses the possibility of verifying the general validity of the prediction model by conducting research among holidaymakers in other tourist destinations.

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factors of satisfaction; summer holidays; intention to return; logistic regression; Croatia; Slovakia

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