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Maximum set covers based energy conservation scheme in wireless sensor networks

Lan Yao ; College of Mathematics and Econometric, Hunan University, 410082 Changsha, Hunan, China
Feng Zeng ; School of Software, Central South University, 410083 Changsha, Hunan, China

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In this paper, an efficient scheme is proposed for energy conservation in wireless sensor networks through solving the maximum set covers problem. First, a distributed mechanism is introduced for the sinks to find at most K paths to each sensor. Then, an algorithm named as MDP-MSC is presented for the maximum set covers problem. Making use of the collected path information in the first step, the proposed algorithm partitions all nodes into possibly maximum disjointed set covers, and the nodes in each set cover have all targets covered, ensuring the network connectivity. When constructing a set cover, the key idea of the proposed algorithm is to select a node joining into the set if it has the minimum distance to the nodes which are already in the set. Simulation is done and compared with Greedy-MSC and HA-MDS, the proposed algorithm has the number of set covers increased by 13 % and 21 %, respectively.

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energy conservation, distributed algorithm, maximum set covers, wireless sensor network

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