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The Changes of Population Ethnic Structure of Urban Settlements in Eastern Croatia between 1910 and 1991

Dražen Živić ; Institut društvenih znanosti »Ivo Pilar«, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper deals with the changes of ethnic population of Eastern Croatia and Eastern Croatian towns in the 1910-1991 period. The number and share of Croats, Serbs, Germans and Hungarians in the observed period has been specially analysed. The influence of historical-political events as well as of the processes of deruralisation and urbanisation on shaping contemporary ethnic population picture of urban settlements of Eastern Croatia has been critically examined. The analysis shows a trend of ethnic homogenisation (Croatisation) of the total and urban population of Eastern Croatian territory but a trend of intensified infiltration of Serbs in the towns in Eastem Croatia as well. In spite of expressed "Serbisation", the towns of the examined tenitory between 1910 and 1991 have not only kept, but also increased their Croatian ethnic majority (in 1991 Croats 70.7%, Serbs 16.4%, the others and unknown 12.9%).

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Eastern Croatia, towns, Croats, Serbs, Germans, Hungarians

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