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Croatian Ethnic Parishes in Canada: Their Significance and Activities

Ružica Čičak-Chand ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 117-139

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The paper is an introduction into research on the role of Croatian religious parishes in Canada, not only as religious but also as social organizations which provide possibilities for preserving the ethnic and cultural identity of Croat emigrants in the diaspora. By indicating some basic facts pertaining to the historic circumstances of migration and the socio-economic position of Croat emigrants in Canada, and by noting some of the specificities of the ethnoreligious and socio-political reality in Canada, the paper provides an insight into the historic, socio-cultural and also economic background underlying the foundation of Croatian catholic parishes in this country. Among the various forms of activity in regard to protecting and nurturing cultural traditions, i.e. Croatian ethnic consciousness, the most significant one certainly pertains to the field of education in Croatian parishes. Education in Croatian parishes constitutes the second topic of this paper. The author also deals with some other activities carried on by Croatian parishes, and finally attempts to determine, at least in a basic outline, their importance as a central factor in the religious and socio-national life of the Croat population in Canada.

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catholic parish, Croats, Canada

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