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Oral Literature among Kajkavian Croats in Hungary

Stjepan Hranjec ; Pedagoška akademija, Čakovec, Hrvatska

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str. 341-348

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Along the left shore of the river Mura, the state border with Hungary, live groups of Croats who speak the kajkavian dialect and have a related material and spiritual culture to Croats in Međimurje and Podravini. The congruency is especially apparent in various forms of oral literature. Popular songs, by their language, motives, melodies and stylistic-expressive elements likewise totally correspond to those in the parent milieu – northwest, kajkavian Croatia. In this regard, one should especially note the research of dr. Vinko Žganec. Other oral-creative forms – popular anecdotes and sayings, popular rhetoric (especially connected with weddings) – also indicates a common source, and testifies to the fact that we have here a national minority which, due to historical conditions, has been separated from its base only by a river boundary. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate, using particular examples, the living persistence of oral popular wealth among the Croats beyond the Mura, and to indicate at the same time – by comparative analysis – similarities with oral kajkavian literature. The goal is to simulate justified frequent and organized ties between the mother people and this milieu, in order to preserve the latter's national identity.

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oral literature, kajkavian Croats, Croats beyond the Mura, Hungary

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