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Notes on Religion, the Church and Ethnic Identity (with the Example of Croats in Hungary)

Josip Kumpes ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 370-363

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Is there a connection between religion (the Church, “Croatian parish”) and ethnic identity, or more precisely – are the religious-participational and religious-cultural motives of belonging to a religious community among Croats in Hungary connected with their ethnicity, and – if so – how are they connected? Within this framework the author indicates the general conceptual range in which he locates his discussion. On the basis of theoretical and empiric insight, he first of all examines some aspects of the religious and ethnic spheres which imply their connection (among Croats in Hungary). Religion (more precisely – the Church) has a certain role as an ethnic “treasury” in the case that it appears as a particular manifestation of the national spirit (“the Croatian parish”), i.e. when it takes on connotations of ethnicity (in the context of descent and historical destiny).

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religion, the Church, ethnic identity, Croats, 363 Hungary

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