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Prijenos mase na međufaze troske - tekući metali

A. W. Bydałek
W. Maziarz
K. Najman

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str. 275-279

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In the work the results of thermodynamic analysis and laboratory investigations of the formation of slag-metal interphases layer during reducing copper melting conditions have been shown. A considerable intensifying of the reduction processes proves that only refining of the metal is not possible. The extraction of non-metallic inclusions from copper or its alloys leads to formation of many another chemical compounds and inclusions. The results of the slag-copper surface scanning analysis shows, that during the reducing the Al2O3 - B2O3 - Na2O or SiO2 - B2O3 - Na2O slag, effect of silica, aluminium and sodium precipitation may appear.

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copper; slag-liquid metal; metalic and non-metalic inclusions

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