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Optimising of Lubrication Layer on the Transversal Strip Roughness

D. Ćurčija
Ilija Mamuzić

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str. 295-300

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Solutions of differential equations for smooth surfaces and transversal strip roughness with influence of inertial lubrication forces are analyzed. Ten factors influencing the height of lubricating film at input cross section of metal deformation zone are systemized according to rheological properties of lubricants, kinematics of technological process and geometric characteristics of rolling process. At dressing processes, inertial forces of lubricants have a weak influence on the height of lubrication film at input cross-section of deformation zone. Above the nominal height of lubrication layer the roughness of strip surface also determines the form of lubrication layer in a congruent way, while under the nominal height there is an inversion - concave planes of lubricating layer are transferred into convex ones. A correction of logarithm is presented for the processes of rotary cloning of the solutions of differential equations.

Ključne riječi

Monte-Carlo method; linear regression; Fourier's development; index of rhytmicity; linear optimization

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