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Croats and Serbs in the Croatian Lands in 1861 – between Ethnos, People and Nation

Drago Roksandić ; Odelenje za istorijske nauke, Filozofski fakultet, Beograd, Srbija

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The author uses discussions from the Croatian Parliament of 1861 in order to illustrate certain aspects pertaining to the national integration of Croats and Serbs in the Croatian lands in the second half of the 19th century. At that time both Croats and Serbs, respectively, were on a developmental level which could be described as “between ethnos, people and nation”. A further step in development was conditioned by the needs of modernisation. In this context, the author, among other subjects, examines how individual members of the Parliament viewed the poly-centric nature of the Croatian whole, how they understood the relationship between the people (or peoples) and the state, the ethnic and social similarity (or diversity) of Croats and Serbs, and the crucial problem of democratisation and cultural-educational development. At the end of the paper mention is made of the discussions on the “indigenous status” of Croats or Serbs, respectively, in the Croatian lands.

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ethnos, people, nation, national integration, Croats, Serbs

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