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The Effects of Socio-economic and Demographic Changes on Out-migration from the Dalmatian Islands in the 19th and the First Half of the 20th Century

Ivan Lajić ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Out-migration from the Dalmatian islands became massive towards the end of the 19th century and has continued throughout the 20th century. In the first half of the analysed time-period overseas migration prevailed, whereas between the two wars Yugoslav and European destinations dominated. Out-migration from the islands was mainly due to economic reasons, although in certain periods non-economic reasons were important. Besides the usual causes of migration among agricultural populations, on the Dalmatian islands specific causes were present (the crisis of sailing-ships, in shipbuilding and related trades, the degeneration of wine-growing, spongediving etc.).

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emigration; socio-economic changes; demographic changes; Dalmatian islands

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