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Inter-republic and External Migration in Slovenia from the Mid 1950s – Economic Causes and Effects

Janez Malačič ; Ekonomska fakulteta Borisa Kidriča, Ljubljana

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On the basis of registers of population and the latest census figures, the author examines permanent and temporary inter-republic and external migrations in Slovenia from the middle of the fifties onwards. Analysis of the economic causes and effects of these Slovenian migrations shows a negative trend for the economy and the society in general. In the entire period Slovenia has lost its human potential in permanent and temporary migrations abroad, while immigrants from other Yugoslav republics and provinces came to fill the vacated work places. Mainly qualified industrial workers have left the country, whereas unqualified labour from agricultural areas has arrived. Such migration flows are the result of differences in the level of economic development between emigration and immigration areas, as well as of the unfavourable economic system and economic policies in Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav economic system prevented all mobility of capital, except in compulsory instances, so that it inevitably came to greater movements of labour to the working places (of capital).

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inter-republic migration; external migration; economic migration; Slovenia

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