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Emigration in the Second Edition of the Encyclopaedia of Yugoslavia

Igor Gostl ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 419-424

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In the introductory part of the paper the author summarises the forming up of alphabetical lists of entries, with a special regard to the list of entries of the Encyclopaedia of Yugoslavia. The number of lines distributed to the basic branches of knowledge is compared to those assigned to emigration and its drawbacks which are to be found mainly in the lack of symmetry regarding the proportions of material, biographical and non-biographical subject-matter. The central part of the paper is concerned with the emendations of the list of entries on emigration. The new entries are quoted in detail with a purpose of showing the extent of improvements made. Very briefly the reader’s attention is drawn to the basic characteristics of the article on the Yugoslav emigration published in the 5th volume of the Encyclopaedia of Yugoslavia.

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emigration; alphabetical list of entries

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