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Management Technology of Wood Waste for Energetic Purposes

M. Cehlár

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str. 339-342

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Management of biomass as an energy source has become a practical and reliable way of providing heat and warm water in the last decade in the countries, such as Austria, Germany, Denmark, or Sweden. Wood biomass is also cleaner, and regarding the permanently maintainable way of life, it is a source of energy, which does not burden environment by CO2, and on the other hand if compared with natural gas, it is a more ecological fuel. It substitutes coal management as a source of energy, provides a healthier and cleaner local environment, and does not contribute to the increase of atmosphere pollution by CO2 and other gases. For gradual achievement of this goal it is necessary to make the prices for fuel and energy real, create a suitable legislative, economic, and financial background, and systematically support business activities. From the performed research the potential possibilities of the development of the management of renewable use of energy will result by 2010.

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