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South European Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research: A new hope

Tomislav Lauc

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Welcome to South European Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research.

Today, orthodontics is different. In the last twenty years technology has posed new challenges not only for orthodontics but for all fields of dental medicine, and science in general. Technological progress is also creating new opportunities in research with new study designs and new questions, opening space for re-evaluating present paradigms and creating new ideas in perceiving basics of orthodontic, pedodontic and TMJ science in the light of human variation. Orthodontics is becoming more integrated with other dental sciences and clinical concepts but even more in basic research. The increasing growth of human genetics and oral biology is opening the space for new therapeutically approaches but also disperse results of basic research in different specialised journals. New advantages and findings in oral epidemiology, public dental and oral health, legal medicine and forensics, biology with genetics and epigenetics, dental and craniofacial anthropology, maxillofacial radiology and TMJ science are closely related to the fields of orthodontics and paediatric dentistry, and have important influence in forming new perceptions in therapeutic procedures.

At the same time, southern Europe is a fast developing scientific area with more than 300 million inhabitants and thousands of scientists from the fields of Journal’s scope. This strong scientific pool is dispersed across more than 15 countries with different educational and scientific policies and complex inter-population relationships.

This is why we decided to establish a new regional orthodontic journal with the broad array of outstanding interdisciplinary content, encompassing orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, TMJ science, 3D diagnostics, cranial and dental morphometrics, craniofacial and dental anthropology, oral biology and oral public health and epidemiology.

It is important to inform future readers and contributors about the mission and the basic concepts of the Journal. South European Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research (SEJODR) is a flagship journal of the Croatian Society of Orthodontics as well as journal of Orthodontic Society of Dental Association of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian Society for Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry. A number of orthodontic, pedodontic and other societies from southern Europe supported the Journal and the standards and ideas it promotes. With the Society pages online, we are open to international inter-Society communication and presentation of different activities and scientific and clinical congresses and meetings in the region. We hope that this will increase interdisciplinary scientific collaboration and increase activities in research and exchange of ideas and resources.

Journal will be published in the English language in online and print form. Online form will have non-periodical character and will publish articles as they finish peer-reviewed assessment by independent referees in a double blind review process. Acceptance for publication will be determined only by the quality of the submitted manuscripts and a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors. Authors should follow the guidelines of several polices for high ethical standards in scientific publication. The first two numbers will be published together in one print issue in 2014, after which the journal will continue to be published biannualy.

The Editors welcome authors from all over the world and encourage them to use this journal for publication of their work. We strongly believe that the negative results are also valuable information that have to find the place in the scientific literature. Therefore, Journal is ready to offer their contributors excellence and innovative approach in publishing with free access for readers and open access for authors. Our strong belief is that science have to be available to all scientists. With that, we would welcome submissions from graduate and post-graduate students without charging fees, in an effort to provide a venue for the results of their hard work to be presented and cited in the wider scientific community. Editors of the Journal will aim to provide high visibility to all articles through different canals of scientific, social and internet networks and bases.

I am very proud of our highly respectful international Editorial Board with highly established scientists who believe in this Journal and who pledged their experience and knowledge to the successful life of the Journal. I will take this opportunity to thank the Managing Editor Professor Enita Nakaš from University of Sarajevo, Deputy Editor Professor Ivana Čuković-Bagić from University of Zagreb and Associate Editor Vladimir Ivković from Harvard Medical School for their hard work in founding Journal, together with Editorial Board, Peer Review and Advisory Council, Editorial members and all peer-reviewers. Special thanks go to our Honorary Editors Professor Rudolf Slavicek, legend in European interdisciplinary dentistry and gnathology and professor Želimir Muretić father of cephalometrics in Croatian orthodontics. My final thanks go to the authors of the published articles who believed in SEJODR as a journal worthy of representing their work. We all deeply believe that the new hope on orthodontic and pedodontic scientific sky is born.

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