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The Basic Characteristics of Croatian Immigration in Spanish South America in the Period before the First World War

Ljubomir Antić ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the paper's introduction the author discusses the genesis of the ethnic mosaic established in Spanish South America in the second half of the 19th century. The ethnic, cultural, social and economic characteristics of the substratum onto which the Croats settled are presented in order to analyse and evaluate the situation and behaviour of this emigrant group. Up till the First World War Croats settled mostly in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. They were mainly people from Dalmatia south of Omiš as well as from the islands. On the basis of estimates one can assume that they numbered between 25 and 30,000. Younger males predominated. About a half of the adults were married. Fertility was low – a little over two children per marriage. The socio-economic position was diverse. In general, immigrants on the Pacific coast were more successful than those on the Atlantic coast. With the exception of atomised groups on the Argentinian pampas, Croats mainly lived in about fifteen colonies where they developed different forms of social organisation – they founded about forty societies and fourteen newspapers. They maintained diverse and intense ties with their homeland. By sending money they participated in the economies of their families and aided in the economic renaissance of the »emigration region« in Dalmatia. Besides this, by often coming into contact with a milieu on a higher civilisational level, whose accomplishments they quickly appropriated, emigrants influenced the country of their origin. Croats were grateful to the countries of immigration, while the local populations saw them as honest, thrifty and industrious people. Since Croats belonged to the same racial stock, had a Mediterranean cultural background, the same religion, and they were citizens of a respected European monarchy, they were not pushed to the margins of the host societies. Many took advantage of this opportunity and attained a significant place in the social hierarchy.

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immigration, Croats, social gathering, South America

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