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Real Time Blast Furnace Modelling

I. Koštial
L'. Dorčák
J. Terpák
I. Petráš
M. Rogáľ
M. Halmo
P. Nemčovský


The present blast furnace control systems are mainly based on black box principles. The great furnace capacity and transport have an inconvenient influence on their efficiency. The white box approach requires the combination of measurement and mathematical modeling. This approach was used for the blast furnace No. 3 at VSŽ Košice and a mathematical model for process observation, process prediction and process simulation was developped, which gives a picture of the processes in the furnace. The model is based on continous real time inputs and gives forward information on blast furnace state and processes and enables the operator to check decision alternatives. In the models is applied analytical, empirical and artificial inteligence approaches. The principal structure of the control system is described.

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