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The Bishop dr. Josip Srebrnić from Krk: The First Persecuted Bishop After World War 2

Franjo Velčić orcid id ; KBF u Zagrebu – Teologija u Rijeci

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The article analyzes the relationship of the new Yugoslav communist government towards the bishop dr. Josip Srebrnić, on the basis of unknown and unpublished writings, as well as upon the annotations of his close collaborators, mons. Mate Polonio, and mons. Ivan Žic – Rokov. The end of WW2 did not bring an end to horridness and sufferings that bishop Srebrnić underwent during the time of Italian and German occupation of the island of Krk. In new political circumstances, the bishop Srebrnić remained a strong and coherent opposition to the new communist Yugoslav government, distancing himself and refusing publicly the communist ideology. He openly stated his position to the faithful and to his priests of the diocese of Krk in the Pastoral letter for the lent of 1944. Subsequently he forbid his priests to support and participate in the new administration because it was led and controlled by the communist party of Yugoslavia. This message was divulged as an official letter, written in Latin, dated on the 17th October of 1944. He was arrested the day after the liberation of Krk, on 18th April 1945.

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bishop Josip Srebrnić, Mate Polonio, Ivan Žic Rokov, Jurica Knez, Primorski vjesnik, La Civiltà Cattolica

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