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Late La Tène and Early Imperial Fibulae from the Iapodian Territory

Ivan Drnić ; Arheološki muzej Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Asja Tonc orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The unpublished fibulae from the Iapodian Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb come from several sites, mostly situated in the Lika region. The paper presents fibulae from the 2nd and 1st cent. BC. Although the information about the context of most finds is lacking, a few finds of previously unknown or rare types allow us to complement the distribution maps. Fibulae are used as markers of the network of regional contacts that shaped the material culture of Iapodian communities in the decades preceding the Roman conquest. In the same vein, early imperial Aucissa fibulae prove that the life continued even after the establishment of Roman authority.

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Iapodes, Lika, 2nd - 1st cent. BC, fibulae

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