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Ethics of Sport as a New Teaching Subject?

Matija Mato Škerbić orcid id ; Elektrostrojarska škola Varaždin; Glazbena škola u Varaždinu, Hrvatska

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str. 47-66

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The author’s intention is to offer a syllabus of a new teaching subject “Ethics of Sport” which could be implemented in the curricula of sport gymnasium, as well as in those of higher sport and trainer schools, academies and faculties. In the construction of a proposed syllabus, the author referred to the authorities from the field of philosophy of sport, mainly to works of W. J. Morgan, M. J. McNamee and S. J. Perry.
In the first part of text the author situates ethics of sport within the field of philosophy of sport and presents a short history of that sub-discipline. The author further explains aims and intentions of the proposed new teaching subject, together with appropriate teaching methods and forms of teaching, and offers examples which could be used in the teaching process.
Next part of the text presents a way of organizing the teaching materials into smaller parts. The author elaborates on deontological ethics (the topic of conscience in sport), aretaic ethics (favorable virtues in sport), and consequentialist ethics (questioning of different utilitarian-based actions). In this context, the author offers an overview of ethics of particular sports and specific moral issues they entail, as well as of those “big” issues present in sport on a general level (doping, fair play, high tech equipment, equality of sexes, exploitation of children).

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syllabus, ethics of sport, philosophy of sport, deontological ethics, aretaic ethics, consequentialist ethics

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