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The Urbanistic Development of Stari Grad (Prepared for publication by mr. sc. Vinko Tarbušković)

Jakša Barbir

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The first part of the work covers the historical artistic, conservational and architectural technical analyses of Stari Grad’s historic core. It includes a cartographic depiction of building age from the 7th to the 20th centuries, together with a building evaluation. There follows a description of the state of preservation of the buildings, and of building height. This part is of less significance for us in our times due to the passage of time, as thirty years have passed since the study was written. Much has changed in the old town centre, many of the houses have been renovated or extended, while quite a few are neglected or have fallen into disrepair because of unresolved ownership issues. So this part is not of interest to us in modern times.
The second part is of the greatest value to us, as few have studied Stari Grad’s urbanistic development. There is only one work by N. Duboković Nadalini and Vinko Ružević describing overall and in detail Stari Grad’s urban development from its beginnings up to the 20th century, and this was
published in the 1970s. Thus the present work is another modest contribution to the questions raised within this framework of history and urban development. The third part deals with the urbanistic development of Stari Grad in the 20th century. At the end there is a synthesis and incidental considerations. The whole work is enriched with photographs, maps and diagrams, which give the work academic weight and demonstrate the author’s knowledge of the history and topography of Stari Grad.

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