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Learning and training for entrepreneurship and educational system - strategic approach

Vitomir Tafra orcid id ; Obrazovna grupa Zrinski, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Each country ensures its economic existence by producing material goods to meet its own needs while using the surplus for international trade. Creating a new value is a prerequisite for the sustainability of national economy as a material precondition for the existence of nation and state, as well as their further development and progress (cultural and other). Entrepreneurship is the basis of market economy. Small and medium enterprises in particular, account for 97% of the economy of the majority of EU countries, thus being the driving force of national economy. In addition to entrepreneurs, agricultural manufacturers are an important factor of each economy and therefore need to have entrepreneurial competence as well. Supranational issue is the one that everybody agrees upon and is discussed in order to be achieved. EU countries have identified entrepreneurship as one of the key competences which needs to be systematically implemented on all levels of education with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial mindset. Furthermore, education for entrepreneurship has been listed as one of the key competences which are acquired through lifelong learning.

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lifelong learning; economy; national issue; supranational issue, entrepreneurship; creating new value

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